Tea Bar Menu

Welcome to the Saratoga Tea & Honey Tea Bar! 

Sharing the joy of brewing and sipping quality tea, matcha, chai, and kombucha is our raison d'être here at Saratoga Tea & Honey. We love nothing more than welcoming you to our Tea Bar for a precisely brewed cuppa.

Check out our menu below and pop in to order in person or place a to-go order online using the Odeko app!

Matcha Bar

Matcha is a stone-ground, shade-grown green tea prized for its tremendous health benefits. Many matcha lovers report that though there is more caffeine in matcha than in coffee, the nature of matcha makes them less prone to some of the more negative side-effects of caffeine.

Matcha Wakatake, Matcha Lattes, Matcha Tonic & Special-Tea Matchas

Matcha Wakatake 

Served hot or iced, our Matcha Wakatake is our most popular drink at the Tea Bar! This Matcha is served western-style with about 16 ounces of water and enjoyed with or without honey.

Matcha Latte 

Made with our Matcha Wakatake and either foamed whole milk or oat milk, our Matcha Lattes are served hot or iced and enjoyed with or without honey. The creamier cousin to the Matcha Wakatake, Matcha Lattes are quickly catching up to Matcha Wakatake as a customer favorite!

Matcha Tonic 

Matcha Wakatake whisked with local YesFolk! Kombucha, the Matcha Tonic is a double-punch of antioxidants from the matcha green tea powder and probiotics from the kombucha. Get your caffeine while taking care of your immune system and your gut with a deliciously fizzy matcha tonic!

Special-tea Matcha 

For an added bit of flavor, your matcha can be whisked with the tea of your choice and enjoyed with or without honey. Popular combinations are Matcha-Chai, Matcha-La Provençale, or Matcha-Peppermint!

Special-tea Matcha Latte 

The Special-tea Matcha Latte is whisked with the tea of your choice and topped with frothed milk. This may be enjoyed with or without honey.

Ceremonial Matcha

Matcha Wako 

Matcha Wako is a ceremonial-grade matcha served "thin" with about 1/3 cup of water.

Matcha Unkaku 

Matcha Unkaku is a ceremonial-grade matcha served "thick" with about 2 oz of water.

Chai Bar

Chai is a popular spiced tea from India, usually served with frothed milk and honey. We offer two types of chai every day, hot or iced!

Chai Lattes

Served hot or iced with frothed milk and honey, chai is both cozy and refreshing! Full of warm spices like cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom, chai transcends the seasons and is an excellent choice no matter the weather!

Chai-of-the-Day Caffeinated Chai Latte

Our caffeinated chai-of-the-day will be either a traditional black-tea Masala Chai, our seasonal black tea Pumpkin Pie Spice Chai, or our green tea Golden Dragon Chai. Served hot or iced, with your choice of honey and frothed whole milk or oat milk. Call ahead to find out what we have on the bar or pop in for a surprise!

Saratoga Red Caffeine-Free Chai Latte

A rooibos-based chai, this naturally caffeine-free chai is deliciously spicy and makes a great afternoon pick-me-up! Served hot or iced, with your choice of honey and frothed whole milk or oat milk.

Kombucha Bar

In collaboration with YesFolk! of Troy, NY, we have a rotating selection of three kombuchas and/or water kefirs on tap daily. 

Kombucha & Water Kefir

Kombucha To Go

Enjoy a refreshing and bubbly kombucha or water kefir to go, fresh from our kombucha bar! Try the kombucha whisked with matcha powder for an extra anti-oxidant kick in our Matcha Tonic!

Kombucha by the Growler

Buy new and refill to enjoy your kombucha or water kefir at home! With a twist-tight lid, your kombucha will stay bubbly and delightful for up to a week in your fridge at home.

Hot & Iced Tea Bar

Iced Teas 

We offer 3-4 iced teas of the day, including a Black Iced Tea, Green Iced Tea, and Caffeine Free Herbal Iced Tea.

Come in, give us a call, or check out our online order app to choose your iced tea of the day!

*Note: For growlers of Iced Tea, please call ahead.

Hot Teas

All of our teas are available hot every day! Explore our...

Black Teas 

Black tea is a perennial favorite and one of the most well-known categories of tea. From famous black teas like our Organic English Breakfast Assam to rare productions like our Feng Huang Hong Cha, we have a black tea for every palette! Many black teas are excellent with a splash of milk and honey. Note: All of our traditional, single-origin black teas are naturally caffeinated. 

Green Teas

Known for their antioxidant-rich brews and fresh taste, Green Teas are popular with just about every age group. Try one of our shade-grown Japanese green teas for a sweet cup with notes of freshly mowed grass, or a Chinese Green tea for a smooth, nutty flavor. 

White Teas

Light and delicate, White Teas are often lower in caffeine than other traditional, single origin teas. These teas make the perfect cup for spring mornings or winter afternoons. 

Oolong Teas 

Oolong has long been prized for its smooth taste. A semi-oxidized tea, oolongs run the gamut from light and delicate (like the Ali Shan) to deep and complex (like the Shui Xian Lao Cong). 

Aged Teas

Pu'er teas are dark, complex, and a little funky! Prized for centuries for their digestive properties, aged teas make the perfect after-meal cup.

Scented Teas

Scented teas are black, green, white, oolong, or aged teas with added scents like flowers, fruits, spices, and other herbs. One of the most famously scented teas ever is Earl Grey! Our scented teas are sure to hit the spot, whether you're looking for a spicy chai, a fruity oolong, or a delicately floral green tea

Caffeine-Free Herbal Teas & Tisanes

Looking for something without caffeine? Our naturally caffeine-free herbal tisanes are some of our most popular teas-to-go! We've got a little something for everyone, from chocolate to fruit to Flu Shot teas!