At Saratoga Tea & Honey Co., we take great pride in sourcing and curating a wide variety of fine loose leaf teas from all over the world. As you explore our online tea selections, it's helpful to understand that all tea belongs to the same genus of evergreen, camellia, but of different species, variety and cultivar. It is in the magic of plant variety characteristics, climates, and processing techniques that create the sublime flavor and expressive terroir of the tea leaves you sip. All plants that are not camellia, are considered 'herbal' or 'tisanes'.

White Tea

One of the most delicate teas, White Tea is made with only the buds and first leaves of the tea tree (camellia sinensis), plucked before they fully open. When these buds and leaves are harvested, they are quickly dried with minimal oxidation, producing an exquisitely light tea with a surprising depth of flavor. We enjoy White Tea especially in late winter or early spring as a soft, natural way to ease into the day.

Green Tea

Our current list of green tea, or unoxidized tea leaves, come from China, Vietnam and Japan.  Tea leaves are plucked, withered gently, and then immediately heated with wet or dry heat to prevent oxidation, resulting in a leaf that is very representative of the original plant's flavor notes and with a healthy concentration of chlorophyll, polyphenols and antioxidants.

Oolong Tea

Oolong is semi-oxidized tea family that falls between Green Tea and Black Tea in oxidation, and is an absolute favorite among the staff here at Saratoga Tea & Honey, not least because it holds up well to multiple steeps during shifts at the bar! You may notice that one Oolong might have lower oxidation and be light and floral like a Green Tea while another will might have a deeper, more honeyed character leaning towards Black Tea.

Black Tea

Our fine loose-leaf Black Teas (or more correctly called Red Teas, as per the countries of origin) come from India, China, Sri Lanka, Rwanda and Kenya and represent fully oxidized camellia leaves that have been carefully processed by a dance of withering, rolling, oxidizing and drying.

Aged Tea

Our current selection of aged fermented teas hail from Yunnan Province, China.  We feature both styles of pu er, sheng and shou. In short explanation, sheng (raw, green) is allowed to develop and age naturally while shou (ripe, black) is exposed to an accelerated fermentation process. These teas are meant to be contemplated over, explored, and savored.  We invite you to visit our blog for more health and cultural information about the different styles.

Scented Tea

Our scented White, Green, and Black Teas contain caffeine as they all have the tea leaf, camellia sinensis, present. From robust Chai to delicate rose-infused white teas like the Yaddo Rose Garden, we have delicious infusions that will tempt your senses, delight your palate and taste really, really good with honey!

Herbal Tea

We’re just going to come right out and say it: Herbal Tea is not tea, but it is delicious and healthful and caffeine-free! Call them herbals, infusions or tisanes, because they do not contain any of the tea plant (camellia sinensis), but do contain everything else: herbs, spices, fruit, and flowers. 

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