Sustainability in Packing & Shipping

Shipping & Handling Sustainability

hands cupping a pile of biodegradable packing peanuts in front of a Saratoga Tea & Honey Co. staff apron

100% Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

The packing peanuts we use to keep your tea and honey safe during transit are 100% biodegradable. Instead of sticking around forever like styrofoam packing peanuts, our biodegradable fill will break down within a few hours to days, leaving behind no microplastics, toxic residue, or chemicals.

diagonal photo of tall honey jar in custom mushroom packaging

Mushroom Packaging

Made for us by Ecovative Mycelium Technology in Troy, NY, this super cool packaging is made from mycelium, or the root structures of mushrooms. Mycelium is essentially a neural network for the mushroom and Ecovative uses these networks to create sustainable packaging alternatives. Mycelium has high tensile strength, the ability to resist water and decay, and resists both internal and external pressures - making it ideal for packaging.

Square of recycled bubble wrap next to honey jar wrapped in recycled bubble wrap

65% Post-Consumer Plastic Bubble Wrap

You may have noticed that our bubble wrap is green! That's because all the bubble wrap we use is either made from 65% post-consumer plastic or reused and repurposed from shipments we receive.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Incentives & Rewards for Eco-Friendly Customers

hands holding an empty and a full honey jar to symbolize the one-for-one 10% discount on honey jar returns to encourage sustainability

10% off a new jar of honey when you return your clean, dry and empty jar

We exchange our 12 and 19 ounce honey jars for a new jar at a 10% discount*, then sanitize the jars and use them again! This cuts back on waste AND puts money back in your pocket.

*Discount available in-store only

Refilling a Matcha Wakatake Tin for 10% off to encourage sustainability!

10% off loose tea and matcha refills

Bring your own container or refill your 2oz bag or Matcha Wakatake tin and enjoy 10% off* for saving packaging and the planet!

*Discount available only in-store

photo of reusable Saratoga Tea & Honey iced tea cup filled with green tea and a bioplastic straw

$0.50 off to-go teas in your own cup

Reuse our dishwasher-safe to-go cold cups or bring your own for $0.50 off your cup of hot or iced tea* from the bar!

*Our straws are also an agave fiber based bioplastic!

Saratoga Tea & Honey Co. Branded Steepware Tea Tumbler for To-Go Tea on-the-go at Watkins Glen State Park

Up to 50% off to-go tea in your Saratoga Tea & Honey Tumbler

We offer a steep discount in our branded Steepware tumblers! These awesome stainless steel tumblers keep tea hot for 8-10 hours and cold for up to 20. This discount is all part of our effort to reduce single-use plastic waste!

Have Other Ideas for How We Can Bee More Sustainable? Drop us a Line!