Saratoga Springs Wildflower Honey

Tasting Notes

Light amber color with sweet floral notes and a tangy fruit finish

Ingredients & Origin

Saratoga Springs, NY (Local Honey!)

100% Raw Local Wildflower Honey

About the Pollen

One of the few poly-floral honeys in our monofloral collection, our wildflower honey comes from the beautiful wildflowers, trees, and native grasses located near Saratoga Springs, NY. Wildflower honey from this area is teeming with aster and goldenrod. This poly-floral wildflower honey is light and floral and yields a tangy, floral finish. It’s Saratoga Springs in a honey bottle!

Honey Facts

Saratoga Springs Wildflower Honey

Tea Pairings

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hand drizzling honey into vintage teacup using a wooden honey dipper

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