Tea & Honey Gift Guides

2021 Holiday Gift Guides: Under $100

The tea and honey lovers in your life know there's no such thing as too much teaware or too many honey accessories. Explore our tea and honey gift sets, gift ideas, and more - all for under $100! 

Tea and Honey Gifts under $100

Peach or Mango Infused Honey

$28.50. 19oz Collectors Bottle - Sweet and fruity, these two popular infused honeys are sure crowd-pleasers. Choose Mango for the green-tea lover in your life and Peach for the aunt who loves making Bellinis. We recommend gifting the beautiful 19oz bottle that makes a wonderful bud vase or simple syrup jar when they've finished enjoying their honey!

Stagg Stovetop Pourover Kettle with Temperature Control

$79. As beautiful as it is functional, this stovetop, gooseneck kettle from Fellow includes a thermometer in the lid so your tea (or coffee!) is always brewed at the perfect temperature. We recommend this kettle for the tea or coffee lover in your life who is obsessed with obtaining the perfect brew!

Dew Teapot with Basket Infuser

$33 – $45.95. A classically designed teapot that is robust enough for everyday use but chic enough for special occasions, the Dew Teapot with Infuser Basket is a must-have for every tea-serving hostess. We use these teapots every day behind our tea bar and cannot recommend them enough! Easy to pour, these ceramic pots retain heat well and have an easy-to-use infuser basket that makes brewing the perfect pot a breeze!

The Saratoga Basket

$86. delightful basket of goodies, the Saratoga Basket includes tea, honey, chocolate, honey candies, an infuser and honey dipper set, AND a $10 gift card! This basket has it all and includes everything the tea and honey lover in your life needs to enjoy a beautiful cup of tea.

Beeswax Honey Pot

$46.50. A must-have for the honey lover who has everything. This intricately molded honeypot is made from 100% beeswax and is the perfect way to store raw honey - just like the bees do! Novel and unique this beeswax honeypot is a beautiful addition to any kitchen. 

Saratoga Tea & Honey To-Go Tumbler

$38.50. This one's for the on-the-go tea lover who's always grumbling their tea doesn't stay hot. Double-walled and vacuum-insulated, this Saratoga Tea & Honey branded to-go tumbler keeps hot drinks hot for 8-10 hours and cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours! Plus, locals receive a Mug Club discount for tumbler refills at our Tea Bar! (Stainless steel tea infuser basket included!)

Private Tea Ceremony

$80. Give the gift of experience this holiday season by gifting the tea lover in your life a private tea ceremony! Complete with a selection of sweet treats, this private ceremony is completely customizable to individual interests. If the tea lover in your life has more tea and teaware than they could possibly ever need, give them a private tea ceremony with one of our expert Teatenders instead!

Tea & Honey Gift Certificate

$25-$100. Not sure what they’d like? You can’t go wrong with an electronic Tea & Honey Gift Certificate, that may be used in-store or online.

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2019 Stocking Stuffer Wishlist 🐝

We've curated our 2019 stocking stuffer picks for the tea and honey lover alike! You'll find something unique to each brewing style and find bee related products for an extra special gift.

Stocking Stuffer 2019

1.  The Little Tea Book  is a sweet, concise, and creatively informative book about tea production, culture and travels. $20

2. The Bee Stir Stick for stirring cocktails, honey or iced tea with style. $5

3. The Wooden Honey Dipper is the dipper your Grandma owned, and is still a minimalist classic for serving honey. $5

4. Hoarfrost Tea Tin is a re-steepable floral and fruity oolong that will transport you to the far east in every cup. $7

5. Bee's Wrap natural cotton and beeswax food grade reusable wrap for citrus, avocado, breads, sandwiches, leftovers, cheese and more.  A necessary item for an eco-conscience world. $6.50-$18

6. Chinese porcelain teacups for a meditative tea service.  A wide selection is available in-store only!

7. 2013 Three Cranes Liu Bao Heicha is for the lover of aged and fermented teas.  It's smooth, earthy and utterly delicious. $18.50

8. Japanese paper wrapped tea tins for tea storage. Elegant, eco-friendly, and available in an assortment of prints in-store only!

9. Matcha Wakatake White Chocolate Bar in collaboration with Saratoga Chocolate Co.. Get your matcha fix with the creamiest white chocolate, like a latté with a 'snap'. $8

10. Honey Bee Rich Body Soaps are made with all natural ingredients, honey and tea!

11. Folding Handle Tea Strainer with Carrying Case is the most useful tool in your tea cabinet.  A must for loose tea beginners or the more practiced brewer alike. $15

12. Black Tea Cured in a King Orange is a novelty for the curious tea lover. $4.25

13. Pure Beeswax Candles are made by our apiaries and burn cleanly and slowly. $5 & up

14. Vietnamese Mung Bean Cakes are a vegan/gluten free treat like no-other and reminiscent of the best part of a peanut butter cup, the interior. $7.50

15. Earth Sunflower Bamboo & Stainless Steel Straws come with a cleaner and carrying pouch and are a thoughtful gift for your friend who loves to-go beverages! $11-$13

16. Matcha Chasen for the matcha lover who likes to do things the right way. The foam the natural bamboo whisk makes is like no electrical gadget could. $20

17. Cigarillo Tea Needle for carefully opening up pressed tea cakes such as our heicha or pu er bingcha.  $12

18. The Ultimate Honey Variety Pack of our customer's favorites, Mango, Cinnamon and Local Wildflower Honey! $24

2018 Gift Guide for the Tea & Honey Lover

Gift Guide Tea & Honey Lover

We've curated a list of gifts for the Tea & Honey gourmand that will help you quickly navigate our gift options.  Enjoy!

1. Antique Tea Cups & Tea Sets

Available In-Store only, these gorgeous and often one-of-a kind vintage teacups, tea pots, and tea sets are hand-chosen for style, rarity, and that je ne sais quoi that makes for the perfect gift.

2. European Honey Sampler Gift Set

Sometimes you just can't choose one honey, so we've curated a few honey sampler gift sets for you! One of our favorites, the European Honey Sampler Gift Set has our three most interesting honeys, making it not only a great gift but also a wonderful party activity!

3. Clay Concepts Pottery Honey Pot

While we love our honey jars, there's just something about serving honey to your guests in a beautiful, handmade honey pot that really sets the table. These gorgeous and locally made honey pots come in a variety of glazes and are the perfect kitchen item your giftee didn't know they needed!

4. Pu Er 2015 Bada Shan Mini Bingcha 

A beautiful aged tea, this unique gift is one that keeps on giving. Drink now or continue to age for a special yearly tradition.

5. Mr. Shao Yixing Teapot

Yixing Teapots are a very special and traditional way to brew Chinese teas, especially large leaf Pu Erh and Oolong teas. We love these lovingly handcrafted Yixing clay teapots by Mr. Shao for both their beauty and their functionality.

6. Starter Gift Basket

These curated gift baskets have everything you need to get started drinking loose leaf tea! Complete with one of our most popular teas, a perfectly paired honey, and a tea infuser basket that's as functional as it is pretty, this starter gift basket is the ideal gift for any tea lover on your list. (Every long-time tea drinker will tell you there's no such thing as too many infusers!)

7. Mango Infused Honey

Our #1 selling honey, everyone on your list will love this delicious tropical treat. Excellent in Matcha and green teas, Mango honey is also delightful in cocktails, on fruit parfaits, and as an intriguing addition to charcuterie boards!

8. Dew Individual Tea Sets

Sometimes tea is more than just a beverage, it's a lifestyle. We adore these pastel teapots that perfectly walk the line between traditional and modern. Fitting seamlessly with most home decor styles, you cannot go wrong with one of these tea sets for the tea aficionado on your list!

9. Tranquilité

A gorgeous, full-flower herbal tisane, Tranquilité is one of our favorite brews from Quebec. This blend of calendula, agastache, amaranth, and lemon balm is floral and citrusy with just a hint of licorice at the finish. Perfect for relaxing and unwinding, this herbal tisane also helps with stomach upset and indigestion. 

10. Ben Suga Tea Bowls & Mugs

Made by local Catskills potter Ben Suga, these gorgeous bowls are a beautiful blend of Upstate rustic charm and Karatsu-style pottery. The mugs are perfect for bold, tannic teas like English Breakfast Assam, one of our more oxidized oolongs (think Da Hong Pao), or even coffee! The lovely tea bowls have also been known to moonlight as serving dishes for nuts, snacks, and berries!

2018 Gift Guide Under $30

Gift Guide Under $30

Whether you’re shopping for stocking stuffers or need that perfect little present for a co-worker or friend, these affordable gift ideas are brilliant for someone who loves tea & honey!

1. A Little Tea Book:  If you are looking for a sweet, concise, and creatively informative book about tea production, culture, and travels, here it is written by our good friend Sebastian Beckwith of In Pursuit of Tea.
2. Perfect Tea Spoon: This stainless steel teaspoon will measure enough tea for one perfect 8oz cup of tea.
3. Honey Bee Rich Body Care - Give the gift of luxurious skin care made with beeswax and extra virgin olive oil from our good friends at Saratoga Olive Oil.
4. Lavender Infused Honey: A floral infusion at its best. A light mid-western prairie honey produced in an area surrounded by certified organic farming, is used in this infusion and is steeped with the aromatics of the purple lavender flower to make this gorgeous concoction. 
5. Beeswax Candles: 100% pure beeswax produced locally and in our neighboring state, Massachusetts.
6. Kinmokusei: Our Featured Tea Tins offer 0.5 ounces of a very special Japanese black tea that we are very excited, and have very little of, but we want to share it with you!  
7. Moonspoon Honey Dipper: These beautiful and unique honey dippers are laser cut from cherry wood in Pennsylvania. Available in nine different patterns, you are sure to find one that fits your style.
8. Chestnut Honey:  This smoky, leathery honey is a perfect addition to your cheese board, especially with pecorino and fresh pears or drizzle it over rustic bread with good butter for a breakfast like no other!
9.  Moonspoon Tea StrainerThese beautiful and unique cup-top tea infusers are laser cut from cherry wood in Pennsylvania. With a selection of 4 different patterns, you are sure to find one that fits your style. Available with or without stand and cover.
10. Honey Candy: These delectable, organically made, all-natural candies are a favorite of both employees and customers here at Saratoga Tea & Honey Co. 

Gifts for The Queen Bee 🐝

Mother's Day Gift Guide
The countdown has begun with just over 1 week until Mother's Day.  So, what exactly should you buy for the woman who has done and will do anything in the world for you?  We've rounded up the best gifts from the shop to remind your mom how much you love your Queen Bee.

Tea Enthusiast Gift Guide

Tea Enthusiast Gift Guide:

Whether you know someone who is new to tea or an everyday tea devotee, the gift of teas or brewing equipment is sure to perk up an everyday routine. Here are our top 10 gifts for the Tea Enthusiast in your life! 

1. Yixing Teapot $100+ 

2. Japanese Wrapped Tea Tins $12

3. Iced Matcha Tea Set- $55

4. Dong Ding  $16

5. Matcha Wako - $35

6. Field of Dreams  $12

7. Clay Concepts Tea Bowl $35

8. Dew Tea Sets- $45

9. Bamboo Wrapped Flask $27

10. Lucidity Brew-In Cup $22

10 Gifts $20 & Under


10 Gifts $20 & Under:

Whether you’re shopping for stocking stuffers or need that perfect little present for a co-worker or friend, these affordable gift ideas are brilliant for someone who loves tea & honey!

1.  Matcha Chasen $20

2.  Folding Handle Tea Infuser w/ Case $15

3.  Glass Infuser Flask  $20

4.  Honey Candy $9.50

5.  Beeswax Candle $5

6.  Saratoga Red Chai $14

7.  Moonspoon Honey Dipper $11

8.  Honey Bee Rich Body Care - Soap $9

9.  V Smiley Preserves $7

10.  Tea & Honey Gift Certificate $20