Meet Us

Meet Hayley

Hayley Stevens is a passion-filled entrepreneur who loves food and travel.  She pursued the Italian culinary arts with determination and enthusiasm making her the only American to attend the Corso Superiore at Alma culinary school in Italy.   She then explored Italy while working in Michelin starred kitchens up and down the Italian peninsula.  In 2008, She returned to New York City to teach at the International Culinary Center in the Italian Academy and suffered through serious espresso withdrawal…!!  A little hole in the wall pop-up tea shop, called In Pursuit of Tea, turned her on to the miracle of matcha which became a "gateway tea" to explore the other wonderful tea families.  Tasting and exploring new tea infusions, with her new tea friends at In Pursuit, became a wonderful ritual that sparked her curiousity and kindled new dreams.   She met fellow business partners, Clint and Barbara Braidwood, over a passion for olive oil and together the idea of a tea and honey business bloomed into a realty!

Meet Clint and Barbara

Barbara and Clint Braidwood met in Boston while working together as research consultants for the Massachusetts General Hospital's oncology program.  They continued working in the medical field and traveled around the world and United States researching different phases of drug trials for several pharmaceutical companies.  In 2010, They both decided they had enough of traveling, and wanted to start a family.  They moved to Saratoga Springs, NY to start a new chapter in their lives.  This was not the only big move they decided to undertake.  With the birth of their first child, Sophia, in 2011 they also opened one of the most successful retail shops on Broadway – Saratoga Olive Oil Co.  An endeavor that nourished their true passion in life – food and the ability to be close to family.  In Saratoga they met their future business partner, Hayley Stevens, who not only loved Olive Oil but had a great appreciation for tea and honey as well.  Barbara, Clint and Hayley worked diligently to bring to fruition the Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.   A shop that welcomes tea and honey connoisseurs, specializes in education of the product and welcomes all who walk through the door.  We are very proud to offer you – Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.