Sleep & Relaxation

We receive a lot of requests here for happy teas to help relieve stress and aid sleep. And while we wholeheartedly believe that the meditative process of making yourself a cup of tea (and mindfully drinking it) is stress-relieving in and of itself, we have created a collection of relaxation and sleep teas to promote relaxation and ease you into sweet, sweet dreams. 

We all know that sleep is one of the most important things we do to keep our bodies, minds, and spirits healthy and happy - but it's not always easy! Whether you're having trouble sleeping, not getting enough shut-eye, or just looking for something to help you wind-down, we our specially curated collection of Sleep & Relaxation teas is a great place to start.

Look for beautiful, organic ingredients like chamomile and local lavender to promote relaxation, lemongrass and rose for mindfulness, and drowsiness-inducing valerian for sleep.

Teas for Sleep, Relaxation & Stress