The Tea Bar

Envisioned as a place where locals gather and visitors feel at home, our Tea Bar is more than just a spot to grab a cup of tea to go. Like the proverbial corner bar, our Tea Bar is a place to build friendships, go on a date, or discover a passion for teas and bees.

The Honey Room

The sweetest room in town, our Honey Room features a rotating selection of 15-20 raw and infused honeys and honeycombs - all of which visitors are encouraged to explore and taste!

Loose Leaf Tea

Our shelves are home to an extensive collection of single-origin teas from eco-conscious, fair trade, and sustainable tea farms from China, Japan, Sri Lanka, India, Kenya, and Rwanda. Each tea, much like wine, has a taste story to tell about its terroir, production, and tradition. Explore our over 50+ traditional and scented teas to find your perfect brew.

Herbal Tisanes

Naturally caffeine-free (with two exceptions!) our collection of 35+ herbal infusions is as delicious as it is healthful. Explore our tisanes for wellness, sleep, relaxation, and more!

Raw Honey

Personally selected by chef-owner Hayley, each raw and infused honey and honeycomb is chosen for its unique flavor, provenance, and health benefits.

dew teapot, white purity gaiwan, and glass infuser with dried florals

Teaware & Gifts

Tested at home and behind our busy Tea Bar, each piece of teaware is chosen for that special combination of beauty and functionality that makes brewing an art and a pleasure. Similarly, our tea and honey gift sets are thoughtfully designed to appeal to everyone on your list, from novice to afficianado.

two friends walking into Saratoga Tea & Honey Co. in Saratoga Springs NY
staff at Saratoga Tea & Honey Co. in Saratoga Springs NY

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