Welcome to the communi-tea at Saratoga Tea & Honey Company!  When you step through our door, we hope you will have the time to pull up a chair next to one of our regulars at our tea bar to discover new teas, learn brewing techniques from our trained and knowledgable staff, and order a cup to stay or to-go.  You may have also heard the buzz about our sweet honey room (wink, wink), where you can  sample mono-floral and infused honeys produced both locally and around the world.  The team that awaits you is made up of a bunch of tea darlings that share a passion for the story and ritual of tea, bee-made products and the lively Saratoga community that we are so grateful to host everyday.  

Not sure if you're a tea and honey person? Stop in for a chat next time you're in our little Victorian city.  We don't sting (though we may brew you a very special cup of tea)!


-Saratoga Tea & Honey Co