Wellness Teas

Herbal teas and tisanes for wellness have been go-to remedies across all cultures for centuries. Our carefully curated blends of Wellness Teas build on this tradition - with a healthy added dose of modern nutritional science!

Before our modern understanding of germs, bacteria, and viruses led to the development of medicines, healers used plants like oregano, holy basil (tulsi), willow's bark, and ginger (to name just a few!) to treat illness. 

Evidence shows many of the plants, herbs, and spices used in scented teas and herbal tisanes do actually have beneficial health properties. For example, many doctors recommend consuming turmeric in food and teas to help with joint pain and inflammation.

Working with nutritionists and herbalists, we've developed a line of Wellness Teas packed with health benefits. Our teas with health benefits include everything from pain relief teas, to anti-inflammatory teas, to immunity-boosting teas. 

Enjoy exploring our wellness collection and Bee Well!

Teas with Benefits: Healthy Teas & Tisanes