Tea & Honey FAQ for Expecting Moms

What Teas are Safe to Drink During Pregnancy?

Finding a safe tea or tisane to drink during pregnancy can sometimes feel daunting. There's a significant lack of information around what is an is not safe to consume during pregnancy outside the obvious offenders like alcohol, soft cheese, sushi, and deli meats. A quick google often leads down a rabbit hole of asterisks and warnings and equivocation that can leave moms-to-be feeling even less sure than they were before they started.

We of course recommend consulting with your doctor or a trained herbalist / nutritionist before starting to regularly drink any tea or herbal tisane, but the good news is lots of teas and tisanes are safe for most expectant mothers during pregnancy in moderation.

It is also important to note that there is a difference between a 3-5 minute steep and a long extraction meant to provide medical benefit. While many herbs may not be recommended at medicinal levels during pregnancy, the occasional cup of hibiscus tea, for example, is not likely to cause harm. We also recommend that you pay attention to blend compositions - a long extraction of pure red raspberry leaf early in the third trimester could potentially cause complications, but as part of a blend with other nutritive herbs it is safe and even beneficial during the third trimester and may be increased over time.

Teas & Tisanes Safe Throughout Pregnancy

Are Herbal Teas Safe During Pregnancy?

Safe throughout pregnancy in moderation, each of the herbal tisanes below is naturally caffeine free and delicious! We've categorized these herbal teas by flavor and / or what they may help with as your pregnancy advances.

Caffeine-Free Teas for Morning Sickness

What teas are good for nausea during pregnancy?

Peppermint and ginger are excellent ways to settle your stomach during pregnancy. Doctors, midwives, and herbalists often recommend peppermint or ginger teas to alleviate morning sickness during the first trimester.

Fruity Teas for Pregnancy

What Fruit Teas are Safe During Pregnancy?

Sometimes the wealth of information on the internet is more blessing than curse. Take googling "is hibiscus tea safe during pregnancy?", for example. The first page of google will tell you both yes, in moderation, and absolutely not. Mostly this vacillation is because there are a lot of rules and regulations around studying the effects of substances on pregnant women (and understandably so!). While a glass or two of Crimson Berry or Blood Orange Hibiscus throughout your pregnancy shouldn't cause any adverse effects, these hibiscus teas don't make our list for definitely pregnancy-safe teas. But not to worry! Our list below includes both caffeine-free herbal teas and a fruit-scented white tea blend that is low in caffeine.

Third Trimester & Post-Partum

What Herbal Teas Help with Lactation & Inducing Labor?

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Blends

Is Red Raspberry Leaf Tea Safe During Pregnancy?

Red raspberry leaf and other nutritive herbs can be very beneficial late in pregnancy and postpartum. Many herbalists and doctors recommend red raspberry leaf tea in moderation in the third trimester to help prepare the body for birth and after to help your body to heal. Supportive herbs like nettle (hormone balancing) and oat straw (good for promoting lactation) are beneficial additions to late pregnancy and postpartum teas, as well!