Traditional Tea

Best Iced Green Teas


A wonderfully vibrant and brisk green tea made from powdered green tea leaves, Matcha is a highly caffeinated and invigorating drink - especially iced! Shake your matcha in a cocktail shaker with ice, water, and a little Mango Honey simple syrup for a delightfully tropical start to your morning!

China Green Jade

One of the most famous Chinese green teas, the lightly vegetal and sweetly nutty character of China Green Jade green tea makes for a refreshingly light iced green tea. We recommend pairing this delightful iced Chinese green tea with Peach Honey to make a luscious and thirst-quenching peach tea.


Bright and sweet, Kukicha cold brews to a brilliant lime green and has just as much lively character as its color would suggest. One of our absolute favorites iced, Kukicha pairs well with our fruit infused honeys (but we think it's best enjoyed plain)!

Traditional Tea

Best Iced Black Teas

Rwanda Rukeri

Well-balanced tannins with notes of malt, tobacco, and dried fruit make Rwanda Rukeri the perfect answer to both cold winter mornings and hot summer afternoons. We love how this full-leaf African tea cold brews to perfection for an excellently balanced iced black tea. Pair with local Wildflower Honey for sweet tea sippin' and front porch sittin'. 

Russian Caravan

Named for the famed black teas that originally made their way to Europe via the overland route through Russia from China, this Chinese black tea makes an iced tea with unusual depth of flavor. Smokey notes balance out a distinct tannin for a robust cup that will please without honey, but sweet tea lovers will enjoy Tupelo Honey in this delightfully balanced black iced tea.

Traditional Tea

Best Oolong Iced Tea

Wood Dragon

Wood Dragon is the tea of the tea maker. This delightful twig tea is lower in caffeine than most teas due to its composition of both twig and leaf, making it an excellent afternoon iced tea. Brisk and rustic enough for the tannins to come through even cold-brewed, we love the rugged quality of this oolong for beating back the heat of summer. If you're enjoying your Wood Dragon hot in the morning, brew your second or third steep extra long and then cool down for a refreshing iced treat in the afternoon!

Scented Tea

Best Flavored Iced Teas

Moroccan Mint

Nothing quenches thirst quite like a mint green tea on a hot, steamy day. The refreshing combination of invigorating mint and energizing green tea is sure to cut through any heat-induced stupor and get you going for a fun afternoon in the sun. Pair our Moroccan Mint green tea with Wildflower Honey for a sweet but refreshing pairing.

One Night in Rio

Sipping this gorgeous combination of black tea, pineapple, and coconut will transport you immediately to white sand beaches and crystal blue waters. We recommend adding a splash of Mango Honey for extra tropical vibes and think this iced tea pairs particularly well with rum for adult drinks!

Strawberry Fields

Fruity drinks have a particularly thirst-quenching quality, and iced Strawberry Fields is no exception. Delightfully light, Strawberry Fields is a refreshing blend of berries, green, and white teas. We recommend cold brewing this tea and serving lightly sweetened with Orange Blossom Honey.

Sweet White Peach

Lightly fruity and perfectly refreshing, this peach scented white tea is a makes an excellent afternoon pick-me-up or way to cool down at Fourth-of-July BBQs. Cold brew this tea for best results and enjoy a peach iced tea that's uniquely satisfying. We recommend this peach tea with our Saratoga Wildflower Honey for a light and refreshing afternoon drink. 

Herbal Tea

Best Caffeine-Free Iced Teas

Broadway Berry

This 5 berry tea is sure to razzle dazzle your tastebuds with Blueberry, Strawberry, Schisandra Berry, Elderberry and Currants! Packed with antioxidants, Broadway Berry is delicious, refreshing, and healthy! Brew this tea hot and then cool overnight in the refrigerator before straining for best results. Pair with Blueberry Blossom Honey for extra sweetness.

Crimson Berry

Even in winter, this sweet-tart combination of ripe berries and hibiscus is popular iced at our tea bar. A particularly refreshing combination of black currants, cranberries, elderberries, and hibiscus, our Crimson Berry is reminiscent of some Teavana faves. Brew this herbal tisane hot and cool in the refrigerator for several hours before straining for best results. Our CommuniTEA loves Crimson Berry plain with Mango or Wildflower Honey or shaken with Matcha for a berry-kick.

La Provençale

Named for southern France's famous lavender fields, La Provençale is a gorgeous blend of lavender, mint, rosemary and other herbs that will immediately transport you to summer in the French countryside. Brew this herbal tisane cold and steep overnight in the refrigerator. Shake your iced La Provençale with Matcha and Lavender Honey for a CommuniTEA favorite: the French Matcha.

Egyptian Goddess

The unsung hero of our herbal tisanes, Egyptian Goddess is a light and refreshing rooibos blended with orange and rose that is sure to please just about everyone in your household. We love how the three simple ingredients in this herbal tisane yield a complex floral and fruity palate. Pair with Italian Orange Blossom Honey to add a bright sweetness!

Saratoga Sunrise

A refreshing combination of citrus and hibiscus, Saratoga Sunrise is ideal for sipping by the pool (or in the office for a much-needed dose of sunshine!) on summer afternoons. Brew this herbal tisane hot and steep overnight for best results. Pair with Orange Blossom Honey for a little extra sweetness. 

Drumroll Please...

#1 Iced Tea in Saratoga Springs NY

Have you guessed which one of these iced teas is consistently considered the best in Saratoga by popular demand? If you guessed either Matcha or Crimson Berry, you'd be right! Iced Matchas are hands-down our most popular iced caffeinated drink and weeks without Crimson Berry on the menu have been known to inspire an increase in submissions to our suggestions email. 

That said, lots of teas make excellent iced teas - even those that didn't make our short list. Learn how to cold brew iced tea below and let us know your favorite iced tea on Instagram or Facebook - or in person the next time you're in our Saratoga Springs store!

How to Make Iced Tea

We find that cold brewing makes the best iced tea when you are brewing traditional teas in the green, black, white, or oolong families (yes, this includes scented or flavored teas with traditional tea bases). Many herbal tisanes, on the other hand, benefit from being started hot (though we do recommend letting them steep overnight as well).

iced tea pitcher with top open and two glasses of black iced tea with lemons

How to Cold Brew Iced Tea

Steep 12 grams of tea per 1 quart of water in tap water (or spring water!) overnight in the refrigerator (~12 hours). Strain in the morning (or after 12 hours) and enjoy within a week or two.

How to Hot Brew Iced Tea

Traditional Teas: Steep 12 grams of tea per .5 quart of water in 205° F hot water for 10-15 minutes. Add cool water or ice and strain.

Scented Teas: Steep 12 grams of tea per 1 quart of water in the appropriate temperature hot water for your tea. Cool to room temperature and steep overnight in the refrigerator (~12 hours) before straining.

Herbal Teas: Steep 12 grams of tea per 1 quart of water in 205° F hot water. Cool to room temperature and steep overnight in the refrigerator (~12 hours) before straining.