Amber colored Sicilian Italian Orange Blossom honey from Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.
Amber colored Sicilian Italian Orange Blossom honey from Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Italian Orange Blossom Honey

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Italian Orange Blossom Honey

Tasting Notes

Gorgeous, sunny color with warm notes of citrus, blossom, and salt air.

Ingredients & Origin

Sicily, Italy

100% Raw Orange Blossom Honey

About the Pollen

A gorgeous warm amber honey, our Italian Orange Blossom Honey tastes of golden afternoons spent driving the Italian countryside with the top down in a vintage Alfa Romeo, wind whipping at the ends of your hair scarf.

Paired with Ricotta or Pecorino Romano, it is easy to imagine enjoying this bright and citrusy honey under bright blue skies and a Mediterranean sun.

Fans of our Spanish Orange Blossom Honey will find much to love in its Italian cousin. Italy is the second largest producer of citrus in Europe after Spain, and we love the subtle differences in character that you can taste between the two terroirs. Coming from the Sicilian region of Italy famous for its red oranges, Italian Orange Blossom is slightly less bright and acidic than its Spanish cousin, but still not dwelling amidst the sultry humidity of our Florida Orange Blossom. This Italian Orange Blossom Honey is our new favorite for charcuterie, fruit desserts, and parfaits.

Honey Facts

Italian Orange Blossom Honey

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