Russian Caravan

$ 12.00

Tasting Notes: Deep and full-bodied umber liquor with notes of tobacco, smoke, and spiced fruit.

This popular, lightly smoked black tea blend originated in the 18th century as something of an accident. As traders carried sacks of tea on a 6,000 mile journey across Russia on their way to bring tea from China to Europe, it is speculated that the campfires added a smokey quality to the original black teas that has become so much a part of the character of Russian Caravan teas. Now, master tea blenders blend Chinese black tea with smokey Lapsang Souchong to create a robust black tea with just a whiff of smoke to ward off the chill on winter mornings. 

Our Russian Caravan is blended from top Chinese teas in the assertive and slightly smoky style favored by the Russians for centuries. Full bodied and strong with flavors of dried fruits, tobacco and spice, Russian Caravan is excellent hot or iced and stands up very well to a bit of milk and honey. 

We recommend Russian Caravan to lovers of Irish Breakfast tea, for its similar lightly smoked flavor profile. For tea drinkers who enjoy an even smokier tea, don't miss our gorgeous Cedar-smoked Lapsang Souchong!

Getting the Most Out of Your Black Tea

Black teas like the Russian Caravan are more traditionally prepared in the Western-style, as they are the result of the tea trade. Your Russian Caravan leaves will steep a delightful 2-3 times in a Western-style teapot. Or enjoy this blended Chinese black tea 4-5 times in a Gaiwan or Yixing. 

Black teas are fully oxidized tea leaves that are created by the will of the producer to create a robust and structured cup. Bearing this in mind, they are the most likely to become bitter and astringent if over brewed. Black tea should be brewed between two and four minutes, according to the style of the tea and your taste, with water just off boil at around 205 degrees. Our high quality black teas may be infused multiple times and will yield different expressions in each infusion.

About Black Tea

What is Black Tea?

Black teas are made from fully oxidized leaves. The Chinese refer to black teas as "red teas" in reference to the copper colored of their infusion. Developed in the 18th century, the production process of black tea begins with withering of the leaves, and then moves to rolling, oxidation, drying, sorting, sifting and sometimes, an optional firing.

Health Benefits of Black Tea

Congratulations, if you are drinking tea, you have already chosen an incredible, healthful beverage. Tea is considered in many cultures to have medicinal properties. All tea comes from the same plant family, camellia sinensis, and therefore all types and styles contain the same components that contribute to significant health benefits. Influence of the varietal, growing conditions, production techniques, and your brewing practices play a role in the antioxidant and caffeine levels of your cup. Although black tea is considered to have higher caffeine than other tea types this is not necessarily true, and we encourage you to read your body's response to each tea, as caffeine levels in any category can vary from tea to tea.