Ghost Pepper Infused Honey

Tasting Notes

Warm amber color with sweet heat chili pepper finish

Ingredients & Origin

Saratoga Springs, NY (Local!)

Raw Wildflower Honey, Ghost Pepper

About the Infusion

A one-two punch of sweet and heat, this hot honey is a combo of our fruity and floral local wildflower and spicy ghost pepper.

For this small batch, house-infused Ghost Pepper Chili Honey, we infused Local Wildflower Honey with organic ghost pepper chili. We think you will not only love the spiking heat, but the deep chili flavor, too!

Though an excellent addition to teas and tisanes like Lapsang Souchong or Flu Shot for a little extra kick, we love our Ghost Pepper honey for quite a few culinary applications. Try this sweet heat chili honey drizzled over pizza, in a sweet and spicy shrimp marinade, or as a special ingredient in savory stews for a flavorful sweet and spicy chili kick.

Cocktail aficionados may want to try making an easy simple syrup from this sweet and spicy honey (1:1 ratio, honey and hot water) to kick their summer cocktails up a notch!

Honey Facts

Ghost Pepper Infused Honey

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hand drizzling honey into vintage teacup from above with a wooden honey dipper and Saratoga Tea & Honey Co. honey jar in background

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