Sourwood Honey

Tasting Notes

Dark amber color with velvety notes of vanilla, spice, and cream soda

Ingredients & Origin

Georgia, USA

100% Raw Sourwood Honey

About the Pollen

This mono-floral honey is harvested in late June and July in the high hilly areas of the Appalachians. Sourwood is revered by honey enthusiasts from around the world and has won countless awards. Our Sourwood is harvested in northern Georgia, USA and has a dark amber color with an extremely aromatic nose. Wait until the end of your tasting, and you will notice a beautiful marzipan finish.

Sourwood is one of our featured dark honeys, valued not only for its delicious and velvety taste, but also its health benefits.

Sourwood also makes an excellent addition to the traditional Appalachian summer drink: Switchel. A tonic made from honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon, and water, Switchel is a tasty and healthful alternative to sugary drinks like soda!

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Sourwood Honey

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