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Sourwood Honey

$ 20.00

Tasting Notes: Dark amber color with velvety notes of vanilla, spice, and cream soda.

This mono-floral honey is harvested in late June and July in the high hilly areas of the Appalachians. Sourwood is revered by honey enthusiasts from around the world and has won countless awards. Our Sourwood is harvested in northern Georgia, USA and has a dark amber color with an extremely aromatic nose. Wait until the end of your tasting, and you will notice a beautiful marzipan finish.

Sourwood is one of our featured dark honeys, valued not only for its delicious and velvety taste, but also its health benefits.

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Using Your Raw Sourwood Honey at Home

For a little tea with your honey, we recommend pairing Sourwood honey with any of our more oxidized black teas, especially English Breakfast Assam or Darjeeling!

Sourwood also makes an excellent addition to the traditional Appalachian summer drink: Switchel. A tonic made from honey, apple cider vinegar, ginger, lemon, and water, Switchel is a tasty and healthful alternative to sugary drinks like soda! 

Natural raw honey has the seemingly magical capability of spontaneously "setting" or crystallizing. Each honey will crystallize at a different rate based on the sugar and water composition. With its wonderful texture and more concentrated flavor, we recommend crystallized honey as a delicious spread over toast! If liquid honey suits you better, simply heat a warm water bath to 100 degrees and remove the pan from the heat. Submerge your jar with the cap removed and allow to stand 20-30 minutes. It will be ready to pour again! An uncertain amount of time will pass before the honey may need de-crystallization again, and then simply repeat these steps as needed.

About Sourwood Honey


The southern tip of the Appalachian chain in northern Georgia.

Health Benefits of Sourwood Honey

Honey diluted with a bit of warm water was shown to significantly improve seborrheic dermatitis, which is a scalp condition that causes dandruff and itching.

Fun Fact

There are three types of bees in the hive: Queen, Worker and Drone. Honey bees have five eyes, and four wings that are latched into pairs by hooks.