Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Italian Acacia Honey

$ 20.00

Tasting Notes: Clear golden color with delicate flavors of vanilla and dried fruit.

This single variety raw Acacia honey is produced from the delicate blossoms of the Acacia tree the Piedmont region of northern Italy. Our Acacia honey is as clear as golden, liquid glass and has delicate flavors of vanilla with a sweet finish of dried fruit.

A runaway favorite in our Saratoga Springs Honey Tasting Room, the Italian Acacia Honey is sure to win over even the most ardent of honey skeptics. Light and almost airy, it's easy to imagine the Roman Gods and Goddesses feasting on offerings of this highly prized honey.

Using Your Raw Acacia Honey at Home

A light floral honey like Acacia pairs brilliantly with our more delicate and floral white teas or white tea blends such as The Canfield in Red or Yaddo Rose Garden.

Add this honey to your cheeseboard for a delightful pairing, or try it over your favorite yogurt and fruit. We know you will fall in love with Acacia, as we have!

Natural raw honey has the seemingly magical capability of spontaneously "setting" or crystallizing. Each honey will crystallize at a different rate based on the sugar and water composition. With its wonderful texture and more concentrated flavor, we recommend crystallized honey as a delicious spread over toast! If liquid honey suits you better, simply heat a warm water bath to 100 degrees and remove the pan from the heat. Submerge your jar with the cap removed and allow to stand 20-30 minutes. It will be ready to pour again! An uncertain amount of time will pass before the honey may need de-crystallization again, and then simply repeat these steps as needed.