Whether you're serving our Honey Biscuits, fresh bread from Mrs. London's, or the sourdough you finally perfected, this easy compound honey butter is a delightful addition to your table.

We will show you how we would serve this butter at either a spring brunch or summer dinner party, along with our recommended honeys for this and other compound butters. If you'd rather skip the small talk and get straight to the recipe, use the jump to recipe button below!

Cooking with Honey

Recommended Honeys for Compound Butter

What's more decadent than honey butter? It's something special on menus at chic restaurants and a lot of us think of honey butter as a treat, but it's actually very simple and satisfying to make!

The most difficult part of making honey butter is, in our opinion, choosing your honey! Monofloral honeys (also known as varietal or blossom honeys) each have a distinctive flavor profile thanks to their pollen. The good news is, color is a great indication of flavor. Lighter colored honeys will be lighter in taste and darker honeys will be more robust. For a light honey, we recommend buttery and cinnamony Alfalfa Honey or light and citrusy Orange Blossom Honey. For an amber honey you might try our Sourwood Honey with its notes of vanilla and anise. If you're looking for a dark and succulent honey, give Black Forest Honey with its notes of molasses and figs a try! And don't forget fun infused honeys like Ghost Pepper or Cinnamon! Browse our full collection of Monofloral Honeys below!

Simple Compound Butter

Honey Butter


1 softened stick of your favorite butter
1 Tblsp honey (we recommend Alfalfa, Orange Blossom, or Sourwood!)
Sea salt to finish
Add fresh herbs to taste, if desired


Whip together butter and honey until smooth and then place in a small pot. Refrigerate. When serving, bring to room temperature and sprinkle with seasalt.

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