Buckwheat Honey

Tasting Notes

Midnight amber in color with robust flavors of warm, caramelized sugar and rich molasses

Ingredients & Origin

Washington State, USA

100% Raw Buckwheat Honey

About the Pollen

Buckwheat is a gluten-free grain that is a reddish-purple in hue. Buckwheat honey is known for its dark color and robust, molasses-like taste.

This is the strongest, darkest raw honey that we carry. Loved by honey connoisseurs for its rich molasses flavor, our raw Buckwheat Honey hails from the prairies of Washington State.

High in minerals and antioxidants, Buckwheat Honey is an excellent native alternative to Manuka Honey. You can learn more about the specific health benefits of our dark honeys on our blog!

Honey Facts

Buckwheat Honey

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hand drizzling honey into vintage teacup using a wooden honey dipper

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