Cooking with Honey

Recommended Honeys for Mustard Dressings

This recipe features our sweet and spicy Hot Mango Honey, but if either mango or ghost pepper aren't your pot of honey, you can always substitute your favorite monofloral honey instead! For mustard dressings, we are particularly fond of more robust honeys that are going to stand up to the mustard, like Sourwood or Buckwheat, but you really can't go wrong with any of our varietal honeys. That being said, we do have some honeys that we think showcase particularly well in marinades and dressings, which you can explore below!

Simple Honey Dip & Dressing

Hot Mango Honey Mustard


1/4 cup Hot Mango Honey
1/4 cup your favorite mustard, we recommend dijon!
1/2 cup mayo


Mix all ingredients together and serve over salad or as a dip! (We recommend it with fried chicken!)

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