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Hot Mango Honey

$ 20.00

Hot Mango Honey

Tasting Notes

Golden colored sage honey infused with mango and spicy ghost pepper for a tropical tango to delight the senses

Ingredients & Origin

California, USA and Saratoga Springs, NY

Raw Sage Honey, Natural Mango Extract, Ghost Pepper Chili

About the Infusion

Sometimes we just can't help ourselves, and this mango ghost pepper tango of an infused hot honey is one of those times.

Picture this: it's summer and you're getting ready to fire up the grill. You have some shrimp and chicken, but you're tired of the same old bbq sauces and rubs. So, you decide to just sprinkle some salt and fresh cracked pepper over your proteins and search your pantry for something to finish them with when they come off the grill. Then you see it: the jar of Hot Mango Honey you picked up on a whim. When your succulent shrimp and juicy chicken come off the grill, you drizzle them with the Hot Mango Honey and your Grill Master origin story is born.

Hot Mango Honey is our popular Mango Honey infused with ghost pepper chilis, and the combination is as luscious as an evening spent dancing in sweet, tropical heat.

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Hot Mango Honey

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