Raw Tupelo honey in a 12oz Saratoga Tea & Honey jar
Raw Tupelo honey in a 12oz Saratoga Tea & Honey jar

Italian Alps Honey

$ 20.00

Italian Alps Honey

Tasting Notes

Golden amber color with savory mineral notes highlighted with touches of cool-climate herbs and flowers.

Ingredients & Origin

Liguria & Piemonte, Italy

100% Raw Alpine Wildflower Honey

About the Pollen

A wildflower honey from the maritime Italian Alps that end at the edge of the Mediterranean sea, this lovely and herbaceous honey showcases the magic and taste of place. Incredibly different in character from our local wildflower, this Italian Alps Honey is almost savory in profile, tasting of crisp alpine brooks, flowing over granite and lined with gentian and edelweiss.

While we love all honey paired with tea, we recommend taking the opportunity to showcase this herbaceous honey in salad dressings and on charcuterie boards.

Honey Facts

Italian Alps Honey

Tea Pairings

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