Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Southern Sweetness Honeys

$ 28.00

Made for front porch sittin' and sweet tea sippin', the Southern Sweetness Honey Gift Set is a taste of southern summer nights. 

Rich and decadent, Tupelo Honey comes from the ogeche tupelo (or river lime) trees for which it's named, their roots deep in the waters of rivers in Southern Georgia and Northern Florida. Sourwood Honey is from just a bit further north in the Appalachian Mountains. Dark amber in color with a distinct, creamy palate and notes of vanilla and anise, Sourwood is one of our favorite additions to lemonade! Last but certainly not least is our Peach Infused Honey, the true southern staple that tastes of juicy yellow and white peaches. Ideal for making peach sweet tea, substituting for sugar in pies, or drizzling over fresh fruit parfaits, the Peach Infused Honey rounds out the flavors of our Southern Honey gift set. 

Featured Raw Honeys: Peach Infused Honey, Sourwood Honey, Tupelo Honey

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American Road Trip Honey Gift Set, featuring American Acacia (Wisconsin), Buckwheat (Washington State), Champlain Valley NY Wild Flower (New York State)

Custom gift sets are also available with a minimum order of 10. Email for further queries.