Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

European Honey Gift Set

$ 32.00

Enjoy a delicious sampler of our three favorite European honeys!

Including the full spectrum of honey colors, from the delightfully light gold Ukranian Sunflower honey through medium-amber French Lavender to our dark and robust honeydew honey (Spanish Black Forest), this honey gift pack is ideal for foodie friends and family.

A fabulous hostess gift, the European Honey Gift Set is not only a sweet way to say thinking of you, but also a great cocktail hour activity! Set out this gift set with some tasters, wine, and cheese and let the reviews begin!

Featured Honeys: Spanish Black Forest, Ukranian Sunflower, and French Lavender.

Looking for something from home? Try our Saratoga Honey Gift Set featuring the three most popular honeys in our Saratoga Springs tea & honey store: Local Wildflower, Mango, and Ghost Pepper!

Custom gift sets are also available with a minimum order of 10. Email for further queries.