At Saratoga Tea & Honey, we offer a wide variety of fine, loose leaf teas from China, Japan, and India. As you explore our online tea selections, take a moment to marvel at the fact that all of our teas come from the same plant family, camellia sinensis (which is divided into two varieties, camellia sinensis sinensis and camellia sinensis assamica). Yes, you read that correctly! Green, white, black, yellow…though teas may be from different cultivars, all teas owe their origin to camellia sinensis.

Whether tea makes you think of bone china and tiny sandwiches, earthenware bowls and bamboo mats, or maybe a hot mug on a chilly morning, we know you’ll enjoy brewing your next cup with one of our specially sourced fine teas!

Honey is one of those often overlooked foods that we just cannot celebrate enough. A wonderfully natural product that requires no processing, each of our 100% raw honeys are unique to their origin. Like wine, honey has terroir, or this sense of the earth and plant life where the honeys are produced. A Hungarian Acacia will taste different from an Italian Acacia, for example, while Wildflower is completely different from Alfalfa. And each year the same honeys may taste just a little bit different from the year before, depending on the harvest conditions. All this is to say, come into our honey room as often as you like to try our monofloral and infused honeys and decide for yourself how you like their terroir.

Looking for that something special to give the tea & honey lover in your life? We’ve curated the best teaware and accessories for gifts on this page and in the shop. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we’ve put together gift baskets full of our favorite loose leaf teas, honey, and teaware for everyone on your list.

Whether you’re saying thank you to a friend, welcome to a client, or love you to a family member, we’re here to make sure your gift is as special as your relationship with the recipient. All of our gift baskets are hand packed and decorated. If one of our pre-designed gift baskets isn’t hitting the spot, we’re happy to help you pick out the perfect teas and honeys to say “thinking of you” any time, just give us a call or stop by the shop!

Of course you can brew yourself an excellent cup of tea with just a mug and a bag or infuser, but we see tea more as a lifestyle than simply a beverage. So, we’ve collected our favorite tea pots, cups, infusers, mugs, and more here in the shop and online to help you get started living the Tea & Honey life.