At Saratoga Tea & Honey Co., we take great pride in sourcing and curating a wide variety of fine loose leaf teas from all over the world. As you explore our online tea selections, it's helpful to understand that all tea belongs to the same genus of evergreen, camellia, but of different species, variety and cultivar. It is in the magic of plant variety characteristics, climates, and processing techniques that create the sublime flavor and expressive terroir of the tea leaves you sip. All plants that are not camellia, are considered 'herbal' or 'tisanes'.

Honey is a wonderful product of nature that requires no processing and still has an infinite shelf life. Each of our 100% raw honeys are unique to their origin and, like wine, have a terroir that is reflective of the environment where the bees work.  Because of this, honey can taste and appear different year to year and these are the changes we celebrate!

Looking for that something special to give the tea & honey lover in your life? We’ve curated the best teaware and accessories for gifts on this page and in the shop. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, we’ve put together gift baskets full of our favorite loose leaf teas, honey, and teaware for everyone on your list.

Of course you can brew yourself an excellent cup of tea with just a mug and a bag or infuser, but we see tea more as a lifestyle than simply a beverage. So, we’ve collected our favorite tea pots, cups, infusers, mugs, and more here in the shop and online to help you get started living the Tea & Honey life.