Perfect for spring and summer with fresh herbs, honey, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil, you'll love this fresh-from-the-garden salad dressing! Quick and easy, this dressing is perfect for everything from Sunday brunch to weekday lunches. We recommend this vinaigrette with fresh greens like arugula and blanched veggies like snap peas and asparagus for a satisfying salad.

We will show you how we would serve this dressing at either a spring brunch or summer dinner party, along with our recommended honeys for this and other salad dressings. If you'd rather skip the small talk and get straight to the recipe, use the jump to recipe button below!

Cooking with Honey

Recommended Honeys for Salad Dressing

Honey is a wonderful, natural sweetener for salad dressings and marinades. Rather than using sugar, which can often leave your dressing feeling gritty, we recommend trying honey to add a little healthy sweetness to your next salad dressing!.

Monofloral honeys (or blossom honeys) come in a rainbow of colors and flavor profiles. For lighter vinaigrettes, a light honey like Acacia or Spanish Orange Blossom will provide a little sweet without too much added flavor from the honey. For darker dressings and marinades, the molasses-like flavors of Spanish Black Forest or Buckwheat are the ideal complement. Fans of spice might find that our Ghost Pepper Infused Honey provides the ideal addition of sweet heat. Explore our collection of monofloral honeys below to find the perfect one for your next dressing or marinade!

Simple Salad Dressing with Honey

Honey & Herb Vinaigrette


1/4 cup lemon juice
Sea salt
2 tsp sliced chives
2 Tblsp mixed soft herbs of choice: tarragon, parsley, basil, mint, chervil
1 Tblsp honey (we recommend Acacia, Spanish Wild Lavender, or Spanish Orange Blossom!)
3/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil (we highly recommend trying oil from our friends up the street at Saratoga Olive Oil!)


In a small bowl, add in the lemon juice, sea salt, herbs and honey. Whisk together. Gradually pour in the olive oil while continuously whisking. Taste and adjust the salt as needed. Once the vinaigrette comes together, pour over your salad, or hold for later use in a jar and shake before dressing.