Champlain Valley New York Wildflower Honey

Tasting Notes

Light gold honey with bright notes of berry and apple finished off with creamy notes of butter and mead.

Ingredients & Origin

Champlain Valley, New York

100% Raw Wildflower Honey

About the Pollen

Wildflower honey is a polyfloral honey, meaning the bees were pollinating a wide variety of trees, flowers, and shrubs. We love comparing this Champlain Valley wildflower honey to our local Saratoga Springs wildflower because they are not at all similar, highlighting what a difference even a few hours drive can make in the flavor profile of a varietal honey.

Honey Facts

Champlain Valley New York Wildflower Honey

Tea Pairings

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hand drizzling honey into vintage teacup using a wooden honey dipper

From the Hive

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