Our favorite tea and honey gifts for all the coupled-up "lovebirds" in your life!

For the brand new couple who need to lighten up a little

Tea puns are our favorite pastime, and we think everyone should know that "it's ok to steep together on the first date".

For the couple who does everything together

You know what they say, the couple that steeps together, stays together. Give them the gift that will keep them steeping with our tea for two gift set!

For the couple who everyone agrees is #goals

The Fellow Stagg EKG Variable Temperature Electric Kettle is this couple's tea brewing equivalent: so beautiful yet so practical and down-to-earth you can't even be jealous.

For the couple that won't stop posting hiking pics

Send them off on their next adventure with matching tea tumblers that will keep their tea hot for 8 hours and cold for 10!

For the couple who desperately need a night away from the kids

Our private tea ceremonies are a gorgeous way to relax and unwind and enjoy some much-deserved hospitality.

For the couple that's always a little too matcha

Matchy-matchy or mix-and-match, our High Steeps and But First, Tea sweatshirts are the perfect gift for the couple that swears they didn't match on purpose.

For the couple who keep things sweet (and spicy)

The Saratoga Honey Gift Set is a little bit sweet, a little bit spicy and sure to please both partners in every couple on your list.