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World Of Tea Gift Set

$ 36.00

Give the gift of exploration this year with our new World of Tea Gift Set!

Featuring Kukicha (green), Jin Xuan 'Milk' Oolong (oolong), and Yunnan Da Ye (black), the World of Tea Gift Set takes us east through Japan, Taiwan, and China. 

Kukicha is a shade-grown Japanese green tea, bright with vibrant notes of juicy fruits and a brilliant, glowing green color. Delightfully refreshing, this green tea is accessible enough to intrigue new tea drinkers and interesting enough to keep the attention of long-standing tea lovers.

Our Jin Xuan 'Milk' Oolong comes to us from an award-winning producer in the Ali Shan Mountain region of Taiwan and gets its name from the tea's naturally creamy feeling on the palette. Jin Xuan makes an aromatic cup that stands up through multiple steeps and will delight the tea lover in your life on cozy winter mornings. 

Yunnan Da Ye is a black tea from the Yunnan province in southwestern China and a staff favorite here at Saratoga Tea & Honey! Perfectly balanced with a natural sweetness to contrast the tannin typically found in black teas, Yunnan is the ideal cup for someone who is looking to branch out from Tetley or Twinings. Bonus fact for the tea nerd in your life: In China, black tea is known as 'red tea', and the rich umber color of our Yunnan Da Ye is the perfect example of how these teas got their names (both in the West and in China!). 

*Note: All teas in the World of Tea Gift Set contain caffeine. For a naturally caffeine-free option, explore our Herbal Tisanes Gift Set!