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Ukrainian Sunflower Honey

$ 20.00

Tasting Notes: Light golden color with herbaceous citrus notes and a creamy, toffee finish.

A unique honey to find in our country, but commonly produced in Eastern Europe, our Ukrainian Sunflower raw honey is delightfully unexpected and quite wonderful!

Sunflower honey has an herbaceous character with citrus notes. Patient palates will find that our raw Sunflower Honey also has a lovely toffee finish. Characteristically very light in color, Sunflower Honey makes an excellent everyday sweetener or honey for cooking and baking

Sunflowers are an excellent source of nectar for bees, and it's no wonder they love pollinating these cheerful and bright flowers!

Using Your Raw Sunflower Honey at Home

We recommend pairing your Sunflower Honey with fall charcuterie boards featuring sharp cheeses, dates, and figs. Sunflower Honey is also a delightful addition to fruit and yogurt parfaits and many recipes as a sugar substitute. The Ukrainian Sunflower honey also pairs particularly well with our Hojicha roasted green tea and Dong Ding roasted oolong. 

A Note on Crystallization & Sunflower Honey

You may find that your Sunflower Honey crystallizes more quickly than some other honeys. Crystallization is a natural process affected by the fructose content of each honey. You can easily re-liquify your crystallized honey using a warm water bath, or spread the delicious crystallized honey on hearty toasts for a delicious snack. For a honey that rarely crystallizes, try our Tupelo honey!

Natural raw honey has the seemingly magical capability of spontaneously "setting" or crystallizing. Each honey will crystallize at a different rate based on the sugar and water composition. With its wonderful texture and more concentrated flavor, we recommend crystallized honey as a delicious spread over toast! If liquid honey suits you better, simply heat a warm water bath to 100 degrees and remove the pan from the heat. Submerge your jar with the cap removed and allow to stand 20-30 minutes. It will be ready to pour again! An uncertain amount of time will pass before the honey may need de-crystallization again, and then simply repeat these steps as needed.