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The Rare Black Tea Collection

$ 52.00

Exclusive and enchanting, our Rare Black Tea Collection is perfect for the gourmand in your life. 

Representing unique corners of the tea producing world, our Rare Black Tea Collection showcases small lots carefully crafted by people whose passion shines though in each cup. Coming from old growth, biodynamic / organic gardens, and remote locations, this collection is something very special, to be enjoyed over multiple steeps. Only 6 pounds of each tea made their way to the US, and we feel extremely grateful to be able to share these beautiful teas with our communiTEA! 

Black Gold (organic), Spring 2021 Harvest from Taoyuan, Taiwan

This high-elevation black tea is produced high in the Taiwanese mountains at around 4750 feet elevation and will be unlike any other Taiwanese black tea you've tried. Well-rolled leaves release alluring aromas of toasted coconut and cocoa. The bright and smooth, golden liquor reveals flavors of toasted cocoa and bread pudding. The producer of this rare tea focuses on natural and sustainable, soil-focused farming methods. Relying on the growth of native plants and microorganisms to nourish his tea plants, the care in every step of cultivate is evident in each sip. 

Darjeeling 2nd Flush, Singell Estate Heritage 45, Spring 2021 Harvest from West Bengal, India

The 150th anniversary tea from one of Darjeelings best and most famous estates, this heritage lot was hand picked from the tea garden's original plants. A gorgeous example of the bright mouthfeel and complex fragrances that make Darjeelings so desirable, this harvest offers refreshing citrus and wintergreen notes with balanced flavors of cherry wood, orange, and malt. 

Himalayan Ruby, Summer 2021 Harvest from Dhankuta, Nepal

Another high-elevation black tea, this beautiful small lot comes to us from Jun Chiyabari farm in Nepal. With fine, twisted leaves, you will revel in the fragrant notes of cinnamon and toasted coconut with just a touch of wintergreen. The copper-colored liquor yields flavors of sweet cherry, cinnamon, and violet. 

We recommend infusing each portion of these teas multiple times to fully release the flavor and character of the leaves. For the tea lover who has tried everything, this Rare Black Tea Collection is sure to make them smile.