Italian Honeysuckle Honey

Tasting Notes

Light gold honey with flavors of warm, melt-in-your-mouth butterscotch.

Ingredients & Origin


100% Raw Italian Honeysuckle Honey

About the Pollen

Sweet and fragrant, honeysuckle blossoms get their name from the tradition of children plucking the blooms and suckling the sweet, honey-like nectar. This nectar is full of honeyed butterscotch notes that come through delightfully in our Italian Honeysuckle Honey.

Italian Honeysuckle, also known as Perfoliate Honeysuckle, has perfoliated leaves and pink and white flowers. This varietal of honeysuckle has an especially sweet fragrance and blooms in May/June with potentially a second blooming period in the Autumn.

Honey Facts

Italian Honeysuckle Honey

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