Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Wakatake Iced Matcha Tea Set

$ 67.50

Iced matcha served with a choice of honey syrup has become quite popular at our tea bar.  We particularly recommend trying the iced matcha shaken with our mango infused honey, which makes a harmonious and delicious compliment to the green flavor of the matcha.

This set includes: one cocktail shaker, 100 gram tin of Matcha Wakatake, and one traditional matcha scoop. Save $5 on buying these items as a set!


Iced Mango Matcha

3/4 t Matcha Wakatake 

2 Ice Cubes

1 t Mango Honey or 3/4 oz Mango Honey Syrup (see recipe below)

Add all the ingredients to the shaker and shake it all up!  Pour over ice and enjoy!

Honey Syrup

To make the honey syrup:  in small sauce pan bring equal parts water and honey to a simmer, skim, and turn off the heat immediately.  Cool and add into your cocktails or iced matcha!