little girl in a vest eating a wildflower honey straw

Wildflower Honey Sticks

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Wildflower Honey Sticks

Tasting Notes

Warm, amber color with fruity floral notes and a tangy finish

Ingredients & Origin

Saratoga Springs, NY

100% Raw Wildflower Honey

About the Pollen

Our Local Wildflower Honey Sticks are great for energy snacks or teas on the go! Sometimes called honey straws, these honey sticks are meant to be squeezed to enjoy every last drop of honey goodness.

Honey sticks are a healthy grab-and-go snack for kids and adults. Keep a few on-hand in your purse for emergencies or a healthy, natural way to sweeten your favorite drinks.

Since our honey sticks are wrapped in food-grade plastic, we do not recommend putting them directly in hot drinks. Just snip, squeeze, and go!

Honey Facts

Wildflower Honey Sticks

Tea Pairings

Straight from our Tea Bar to your home, enjoy these curated tea pairings for your new honey!

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