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Chocolate and Tea Pairing Gift Set

$ 48.00

A match made in tannin, chocolate and tea pair beautifully and make a gorgeous gift for the chocolate and tea lover in your life.

We've partnered with Primo Botánica of Troy, NY to bring you this chocolate and tea pairing gift set featuring curated pairings of traditional teas and herbal tisanes with fair trade dark chocolate of varying cocoa percentages.

Our collaborative tea and chocolate pairing gift set features the following teas and chocolates:

Esmeraldas Ecuador (68%) & Bai Hao Jingmai (Oolong)

Esmeraldas Ecuador (68%)
Sourced form Eco Cacao Co-op in Esmeraldas, Ecuador, the beans used to make this 68% cocoa chocolate bar are farmed using regenerative and organic agriculture practices that improve both biodiversity and soil fertility. 
Ingredients: Organic Cocoa Beans and Cocoa Butter, Unrefined Cane Sugar (Panela)


Bai Hao Jingmai
A bug-bitten oolong in the style of Oriental Beauty, Bai Hao Jingmai is an oxidized oolong from China is subtly sweet and incredibly smooth, with just enough tannin to please every palate. This bug bitten style of tea is known as the Champagne of oolongs for its luscious and intriguing palate.
Ingredients: Oolong Tea (China)


The Pairing
The natural sweetness and subtle tannin of the Bai Hao Jingmai pairs beautifully with the extremely well balanced bittersweet flavor of the Esmeraldas chocolate bar. 

Costa Rica Coto Brus (75%) & Hojicha, You Yanagi (Green Tea)

Costa Rica Coto Brus (75%)
Comprised of micro-lot beans from three independently owned Costa Rican farms, the Coto Brus bar is sweetened with Costa Rican tapa dulce sugar.
Ingredients: Costa Rican Cacao Beans + Cacao Butter, Tapa Dulce Unrefined Sugar


Hojicha, You Yanagi
A deeply roasted Japanese green tea, the mildly caffeinated Hojicha, You Yanagi brews a delightful afternoon or evening cup perfect for pairing with chocolate. 
Ingredients: Green Tea (Japan)


The Pairing
The roasted, nutty quality of the Hojicha, You Yanagi pairs beautifully with the mildly sweet Costa Rican Coto Brus chocolate. Balancing each other out, this tea and chocolate pairing unfolds rich flavors of roasted Brazil nuts and tropical coconut. 

Guatemala Peten Provence (87%) & Egyptian Goddess (Herbal Tisane)

Guatemala Peten Provence (87%)
Sourced from a Mayan women's group in the Waxaquib tz'ikin community of San Luis, Petén, this dark and rich chocolate is made from heirloom criollo cacao. 
Ingredients: 82% Guatemala Cacao Beans, Unrefined Organic Panela (cane sugar)


Egyptian Goddess
A beautiful herbal tisane of rooibos, orange, and rose, Egyptian Goddess is a lightly sweet and floral citrus tea that is delicate on the palate and delicious hot or iced.
Organic Ingredients: Rooibos, Rose Petals, Orange Peel


The Pairing
Tasted alone, the Gatemala Peten Provence chocolate can be unexpectedly bitter to American palates used to sweeter and more milky chocolates. However, paired with the delicate Egyptian Goddess you will find that this deeply dark chocolate opens up with complementary citrus and floral notes. After a few sips, we predict this incredible dark chocolate will be your new favorite. 

About Primo Botánica:

Primo Botánica Chocolate's mission is to create a sustainable and consciously sourced chocolate community that connects all peoples involved, from growers to consumers. Primo Botánica believes in using their products to promote positive impact and well-being for both the peoples and then lands involved in producing high quality, fair-trade chocolate. Rather than jumping from origin to origin, Primo Botánica focus on North, Central, and South American origins, allowing them to develop strong and healing bonds with their growers/fermentation experts. They donate 1% of their profits to regeneration projects in the communities they source from.