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Tupelo Honey

$ 20.00

Tasting Notes: Rich, light amber color with buttery taste and a finish of sweet southern stone fruits like peach and apricot.

Our raw Tupelo honey is known as the Cadillac of honeys - and this particular harvest is like driving one with gold-plated wheels! Sweet and buttery smooth, beekeepers have long considered Tupelo honey the best of the best. 

A rare and difficult to harvest honey, Tupelo is harvested for only 2 weeks in the spring in northwest Florida and southern Georgia from the Ogechee Lime tree (also known as White Tupelo or White Gum Tupelo). Tupelo honey is typically light in color with a buttery sweet, stone fruit finish that is like no other.

Tupelo honey is also the only honey that does not crystallize in its pure unadulterated form due to its high fructose content!

Curious to know "What is Tupelo Honey?" Learn more about how bees make Tupelo honey (and why it's so prized) on our blog! >>

Using Your Raw Tupelo Honey at Home

On the sweeter side (even for honey!) we recommend using Tupelo in our more oxidized oolongs and black teas. The perfect addition to sweet tea in the summer, Tupelo honey will take you back to sultry summer nights sitting on the porch swing, listening to the cicadas sing. 

Fans of honey on their charcuterie boards will also enjoy Tupelo with sharp cheeses and preserved meats. 


Natural raw honey has the seemingly magical capability of spontaneously "setting" or crystallizing. Each honey will crystallize at a different rate based on the sugar and water composition. With its wonderful texture and more concentrated flavor, we recommend crystallized honey as a delicious spread over toast! If liquid honey suits you better, simply heat a warm water bath to 100 degrees and remove the pan from the heat. Submerge your jar with the cap removed and allow to stand 20-30 minutes. It will be ready to pour again! An uncertain amount of time will pass before the honey may need de-crystallization again, and then simply repeat these steps as needed.

About Tupelo Honey


The swamplands of southern Georgia.

Health Benefits of Tupeolo Honey

Tupelo honey benefits include its unusually high fructose to glucose ratio. This means that it releases energy over a longer period of time than other honey, making it a good sweetener for athletes.

Fun Fact

Van Morrison released his 5th studio album in 1971 called “Tupelo Honey”. Mr. Morrison wrote these lyrics in Woodstock NY, “She's as sweet as tupelo honey - She's an angel of the first degree - She's as sweet as tupelo honey - Just like honey from the bee”