Love Your Liver ♥

Love Your Liver ♥
Welcome back to another Wellness Wednesday! This month we are featuring an herbal tisane crafted specifically to detox our livers, Teatoxify

Toxins are literally everywhere; they are in our food, our air, our water, in the products we clean with and those we apply to our skin. Our livers are one of the most important organs; responsible for filtering out those toxins, neutralizing chemicals, manufacturing bile, and a variety of enzymatic processes to both break down and create compounds necessary for our bodies to function! Our livers work very VERY hard, and non-stop, and sometimes it can get overburdened and need our support. Now, don’t you want to support your liver? It tries its gosh darndest to take good care of you, so we should be diligent about protecting it from damage and keeping it functioning at its optimum best! So show your liver some love with Teatoxify, our herbal tisane blend intended to support and detoxify, so your liver can continue to do its job and do it more effectively. A healthy liver makes a healthy person!

Teatoxify is composed of some incredible ingredients, some you may know very well and some you may have never heard of! One of the latter may be, Burdock Root, which is well-known for supporting your liver. It contains a large number of minerals to replenish what can be lost in the detox process, and because of its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, has also been shown heal liver cells from damage caused by alcohol, acetaminophen, and other liver-damaging toxins. It also increases glutathione production, the body's most powerful detoxifier! Milk Thistle Seed is another liver-loving herb, you may have heard. Similar to Burdock, it has the incredible ability to help ease inflammation and promote cell repair, healing damage inflicted onto our livers. Milk Thistle was once used to prevent death from the ingestion of poisonous plants and to this day, many poison control centers in Europe keep it on hand for such cases. Dandelion, the same weed you find all over your yard, is well-known to help maintain proper liver function by detoxifying the liver and improving the flow of bile. One of the lesser known ingredients we have in our blends is Pau d’Arco. This bark is rich in Quercetin, an antioxidant flavonol shown to neutralize toxins, therefore aiding the liver in its blood cleansing function! Last, but not least, one of our favorite superstar spices, ginger! Ginger is shown to reduce oxidative stress on the liver, decrease insulin resistance and inhibit inflammation, protecting against fatty liver disease, an increasingly common condition nearing epidemic proportions. Ginger, you never cease to amaze us...

Combined, these botanicals have a warm, comforting flavor. Stop in today to enjoy a cup or buy a bag, Teatoxify is on sale for a limited time! 

Disclaimer: You may drink up to 2 servings of this tisane daily, but as with any of our medicinal herbal blends, we recommend speaking to your doctor before consuming if you have any serious health concerns.