$ 12.00

Tasting Notes: Rich, russet liquor with well structured tannins and flavorful turmeric, cinnamon, pepper, and coconut. 

Vitality in a cup? Whether it’s your head, shoulders, knees, or toes that are feeling achey... look to ancient remedies to give you the strength to power through your day! Our blend of organic, indigenous anti-inflammatory turmeric and wildcrafted pau d’arco will relieve your achey bones while warm cinnamon, coconut and black pepper soothe your soul.

We recommend our Cinnamon infused honey with this tonic!

Organically Produced Ingredients: Organic Rwanda Rukeri black tea, Wild Crafted Pau D'Arco*, Organic Turmeric, Organic Black Pepper, Organic Cinnamon, and Organic Coconut.

*not organic, but wild-grown

Scented teas should be brewed according to the base tea leaves. White and green scented teas may be brewed at 185 degrees for 3 minutes. Black scented teas may be brewed at 205 degrees for 3-5 minutes. We recommend to brew chai teas at 205 degrees for 5-7 minutes to yield a strong cup that will hold nicely with honey and milk.

About Scented Tea

What is Scented Tea?

Blended or scented tea, as opposed to herbal tea, is based upon the leaf of the tea plant, camellia sinensis. Other ingredients such as flowers, dried fruits, and essential oils are then added to achieve the desired flavor.

Health Benefits of Scented Tea

Congratulations, if you are drinking tea, you have already chosen an incredible, healthful beverage. Tea is considered in many cultures to have medicinal properties. All tea comes from the same plant family, camellia sinensis and therefore all types and styles contain the same components that contribute to significant health benefits. Influence of the varietal, growing conditions, production techniques and your own brewing practices play a role in the antioxidant and caffeine levels in your cup. Blended and scented teas are no exception. So enjoy a cup of tea, any tea, and know that you are drinking health.