12oz Jar of Italian Black Forest Raw Honeydew Honey
12oz Jar of Italian Black Forest Raw Honeydew Honey

Portuguese Black Forest Honey

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Portuguese Black Forest Honey

Tasting Notes

Warm dark amber color with nutty notes of caramel and molasses.

Ingredients & Origin

Extremadura and Portugal

100% Raw Honeydew (Black Forest) Honey

About the Pollen

Coming to us from Portugal and the autonomous Extremadura community of Spain, this gorgeous Forest Honey reminds us of why this area of Europe is famous for its deeply flavored wines and cured ham.

Forest Honey, also known as honeydew honey, is unique among honeys in that it is made when bees collect honeydew (a sticky clear fluid left by aphids feeding on trees and plants) rather than or in addition to nectar.

Our Portuguese Forest Honey is largely made with honeydew and nectar from the Holm Oak, the tree whose acorns famously feed the hogs for Pata Negra Jamón Iberico. Forest Honey made from this nectar has its own unique character and is replete with notes of caramel and molasses.

We love to use our Portuguese Forest Honey on charcuterie boards, especially with soft cheese like Brie or Camembert.

Honey Facts

Portuguese Black Forest Honey

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