Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Maru Kyusu Sand Teapot

$ 58.00

Part of our traditional teaware collection, the Maru Kyusu teapot is a delightful blend of traditional and modern. 

For lovers of Japanese Green Tea, this happy little side-handled pot is a great place to begin to enhance your infusion experience. This kyusu has a ceramic mesh strainer and was wheel thrown from real Tokoname clay.

With careful temperature and time, this cheery, round kyusu brews sencha and shade grown teas to their greatest potential.  It fits comfortably in the hand and is great for seasoned and beginner brewers alike.

260ml (8.7oz) or a little more, or a little less. Each piece is handmade.

Curious how to brew in a traditional Japanese Kyusu teapot? 

Check out our video below, and explore our Saratoga Tea & Honey Youtube Channel for this and other "How to Brew" videos!