Lemon Verbena

$ 8.00

Tasting Notes: A delicate and relaxing lemony brew that's delightful and refreshing hot or iced.

Most typically grown in personal gardens, lemon verbena has been used as a relaxing drink for many centuries in Europe. Our Greek-grown lemon verbena has an unusually pure, fruity lemon note; it is more intense than many other lemon-scented herbs and has a clean, fresh taste. The leaves are large enough to add to a pot directly, without a strainer, and pour through the spout and a strainer directly into the cup. Naturally caffeine free.

Pair with Italian Lemon Tree honey for an extra lemon-y punch!

Ingredients: Lemon Verbena

Herbal Infusions, blends that do not include the leaf of the camellia sinensis plant, can all be brewed just off the boil (around 205 degrees) for 3 to 6 minutes depending on your taste. Since they lack the naturally occuring tannin that tea has, there is more flexibility in brewing time and temperature.

About Herbal Tea

What is Herbal Tea?

Herbal Infusions, sometimes called "tisanes" are exactly what they sound like, blended or singular herbs, fruits, and flowers designed to be brewed and enjoyed like tea but lacking the inclusion of the leaves of camellia sinensis, the tea plant. We, at Saratoga Tea & Honey Co., do not stand behind the chemical processes that are used to render away the natural caffeine in tea and instead choose to offer these naturally caffeine free (and naturally delicious) infusions as the alternative for those sensitive to caffeine or looking for something at the end of the day.