Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Jasmine Flower Craft Blooming Tea

$ 18.00

Tasting Notes: Delicate green tea leaves unfurl to reveal blooming jasmine petals in a pale jade liquor with graceful floral notes.

Experience the beauty and delicacy of this jasmine blooming tea, hand tied graciously around exotic jasmine blossoms. Slowly and gracefully, this enchantress will unfurl before your eyes.

A renowned art form in China, our blooming tea is comprised of pan-fried green tea leaves from Fujian Province arranged and fastened around delicate jasmine flowers.

We've taken our time in seeking out a blooming tea that is not only a spectacle for the eye, but also so delicious on the palate. We think you will be quite delighted and satisfied with this exotic tea.

How To Prepare Jasmine Flower Craft Blooming Tea

Prepare 185°F water. Add one sphere into your favorite glass brewing vessel. For the full experience, we recommend steeping in our Kinto One-Touch TeapotPour the hot water over the tea, and watch it open. Begin to serve the tea after 3 minutes. Continuously add water to the teapot to discover the blossoms within.

Ingredients: Green Tea, Jasmine Flowers