Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Local Honeycomb

$ 28.00

Tasting Notes: Light amber colored wildflower honey replete with the floral and fruity notes of summer harvests.

Raw cut from the hive, our 16 oz jar features a piece of chunk honeycomb bathed in local wildflower honey. A gorgeous and unique gift, the amber-colored honey and honeycomb catch the light beautifully and make a stunning addition to any hostess' table. 

Eating Raw Honeycomb & Using Your Honeycomb at Home

Can I eat the honeycomb?

Yes, honeycomb is 100% edible (and delicious)! You can cut off a slice to chew like gum for a tasty and healthy energy boost, add honeycomb to a cracker with ham, cheese and sharp mustard, or display on a charcuterie board in place of jam. 

Can I use honeycomb in my tea?

We recommend using the honey in your tea and eating the honeycomb separately. 

What should I use honeycomb for?

Honeycomb is an amazingly easy way to make just about anything look fancy. We recommend honeycomb as the perfect secret weapon for hosting your next book club, family dinner, or instagram-worthy event. Simply cut off a chunk and place it on a cheese board for an impressive and tasty display, use the comb to garnish vegetables and meat, or place the entire jar on your table as part of your tablescape. The possibilities are endless, so get creative! 

Natural raw honey has the seemingly magical capability of spontaneously "setting" or crystallizing. Each honey will crystallize at a different rate based on the sugar and water composition. With its wonderful texture and more concentrated flavor, we recommend crystallized honey as a delicious spread over toast! If liquid honey suits you better, simply heat a warm water bath to 100 degrees and remove the pan from the heat. Submerge your jar with the cap removed and allow to stand 20-30 minutes. It will be ready to pour again! An uncertain amount of time will pass before the honey may need de-crystallization again, and then simply repeat these steps as needed.