Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

The Little Tea Book

$ 20.00

We are so excited to announce the arrival of The Little Tea Book. If you are looking for a sweet, concise, and creatively informative book about tea production, culture and travels, here it is written by our good friend Sebastian Beckwith of In Pursuit of Tea.

Our owner, Hayley, met Sebastian in 2009 when she was teaching culinary in Manhattan.  Everyday she would break and run to his pop-up tea shop on Crosby Street for a Matcha (her intro tea) and sometimes a Hojicha cookie. When Sebastian wasn't climbing mountains for tea, she would often find him resting on a cushion and brewing a gaiwan of one of his latest tea discoveries. He would share stories of his travels and the re-steep of the tea he was drinking - and Hayley's passion and curiosity for tea began to bloom. The Little Tea Book is as if you are there, sipping tea with Sebastian, talking and learning about tea through his travels. We recommend you find a comfy chair, one hour of your time, and your favorite tea and start a steeping/reading session with Sebastian.

The crowning stroke of this book? The beautiful watercolors by Wendy MacNaughton.  We especially love her chart of the transformation of bubbles as temperature rises in heated water.  This is so essential for tea makers!

The tea we'd pair with this book?  Wood Dragon.