Spanish Wild Lavender Honey

Tasting Notes

Rich, amber color with sweet floral notes of southern European summers

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About the Pollen

In the mountains at the far western reaches of Spain, fields are vibrant with wildflowers and among them, cantueso, or wild lavender blooms. This wonderfully floral raw honey is as exquisite as the area of origin and a tasting experience to savor. This enchanting and wonderfully delicious floral honey is produced from bees pollinating the lavender buds in the early summer.

Try this honey drizzled over sharp sheep milk cheeses or over vanilla ice cream with berries and dark chocolate.

(Please Note: Our Wild Lavender honey is not infused with lavender. While delightfully floral in taste, this monofloral honey should not be confused with infused lavender honeys we have carried previously. If you'd like to see infused lavender honey come back to the shelves, send us a suggestion - we love to hear from you!)

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Spanish Wild Lavender Honey

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