12oz Jar of Alfalfa Raw Honey

Alfalfa Honey

$ 14.00

Alfalfa Honey

Tasting Notes

Light amber color with a delicate yet buttery mouthfeel and sweet, cinnamon finish.

Ingredients & Origin

North Dakota, USA

100% Raw Alfalfa Honey

About the Pollen

Alfalfa is a legume often grown as feed for cattle. Rich in minerals and vitamins like Vitamins K and C, we also use Alfalfa in some of our herbal blends, like Health Potion. Alfalfa has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine for its antioxidant effects, including anti-inflammatory properties. Visitors to our Saratoga Springs Tea Bar will recognize our Alfalfa honey as the sweetener in our locally acclaimed, fresh-squeezed Lemonade in the summer.

Honey Facts

Alfalfa Honey

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