Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Glass Infuser

$ 24.00

Watching your leaves unfurl and the liquor of your tea unfold is one of the many simple pleasures of the tea brewing process. This beautiful yet functional glass tea infuser is one of the most beautiful ways to brew tea. 

For this reason, our glass infuser is what we use most often to brew traditional teas at our tea bar. The large 400ml bormolite glass allows plenty of space for even the largest leafed tea to interact with the water and create the perfect infusion. Plus, it's fun to watch!

Is this infuser just a French Press?

You may have noticed this tea infuser's similarity to a French Press and be wondering if you can use a French Press instead. Unlike a French Press, the glass tea infuser's strainer stays in place at the top of the infuser. This not only allows plenty of room for the leaves to brew to perfection, but also strains them without expressing bitter tannins into the tea. Pressing down on a French Press is much like squeezing out a tea bag - yes you're going to get all of the tea out of the leaves, but that tea will come with extra tannins that have been squeezed and pressed out of the wet leaves, leaving your cup bitter. Regardless, if you do use a French Press for your tea, we don't recommend using the same one for your coffee! 

Dishwasher safe.