Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Wako Gift Set for Hot Matcha

$ 92.00

This is the perfect gift set to introduce that friend or relative on the wonderful benefits of high quality matcha.  For proper preparation of hot matcha, we include a jade matcha tea bowl, bamboo matcha scoop, matcha siftermatcha chasen (whisk), and a 20g tin of our highest quality Matcha Wako. In purchasing this gift set you will save $9 from the retail price. 

The traditional powdered ceremonial Japanese green tea; matcha has recently gained popularity in the west as a "super-food".  As opposed to other teas where an infusion of the leaf is drunk, with matcha, the whole leaf is consumed.  This, of course, means more antioxidants and more caffeine.  Our Matcha Wako is enjoyed in thin tea preparation and is the second highest of the traditional grades.  Prepared hot, this tea is wonderfully smooth, with sweet marine notes, it will give you an umami experience. Wako arrives vibrantly green and freshly sealed in airtight 20 gram tins which yield 12-14 servings. 

Each bowl is hand-thrown and glazed; variations in shape and color should be expected as each is a unique work of art.