Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Cigarillo Tea Needle

$ 14.00

Our Cigarillo dark wood tea needle will help you carefully open up your pressed tea cakes of aged tea into beautiful individual leaves, ready for infusion. This pick is very beautifully made and is safely stored with a secure screw top.

As with many tea accessories, the traditional tea needle is going to be the best way to carefully pick apart your Pu Erh tea cakes. A delicate process that our go-to brute-force instruments like knives just can't hack, picking apart a pressed tea cake of aged, fermented tea without pulverizing the leaves is best done with a tea needle. (While the brute force approach may be quicker, and therefore tempting, it is best to pick your tea cakes apart carefully so that leaves remain whole for rich, complex infusions.) Just as we may tell someone beginning to prepare matcha at home that their one must-have accessory is a bamboo matcha whisk (or, chasen), the must-have Pu Erh accessory is absolutely a tea needle.

For best results, only pick out the leaves you need for your current infusion.