Saratoga Tea & Honey Co.

Private Intro to Tea & Brewing Class

$ 50.00 per person

When you book a private tea class, we will tailor our Intro to Tea and Brewing class to your tastes and skill level. Whether you want to explore herbal tisanes or take a journey through the tea producing world, one of our expert tea tenders will guide your discovery and learning. 

What is Included in a Private Tea Class?

You and your guests will learn how to brew up to six teas and tisanes in both Eastern and Western-style preparations and have the opportunity to browse our selection of teas, tisanes, raw honeys, and teaware outside of normal opening hours.

For private classes, we are able to adapt the course to your particular tastes and interests. For example, you may be mostly interested in learning how to brew green teas. Or, your interests may lay in the health benefits of tea and herbal tisanes and how best to extract them. Be sure to communicate any specific interests to us and we will do our best to accommodate when planning the class!

Please expect your private tea class to last 1 - 1.5 hours. 

When are Private Tea Classes Available?

Private Tea Classes are available outside of regular opening hours, and class size is limited to 6 guests. Please fill out the form below to indicate your interest and suggest dates for your class. One of our Manager Bees will be in touch shortly to schedule your class and develop your curriculum!


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