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American Road Trip Honey Gift Set

$ 28.00

Get your kicks along Route 66 with this collection of American Road Trip Honeys.

From the eastern mountains of Upstate New York, through the valleys and plains, to the western coast of Washington State, this honey pack features our favorite American flavors. 

Buttery sweet with notes of berry and mead, the Champlain Valley NY Wildflower tastes of warm summer meadows and cool upstate mountain peaks. Travel next through the valleys and the plains to Wisconsin for a taste of American Acacia raw honey. Delicate and light, American Acacia honey has notes of white flowers and mint. Then keep heading west across the Rockies and down to the coast of Washington State for some deliciously dark and robust Buckwheat honey with notes of light molasses, ideal for rainy day charcuterie. 

Featured Raw Honeys: American Acacia (Wisconsin), Buckwheat (Washington State), Champlain Valley NY Wild Flower (New York State)

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Custom gift sets are also available with a minimum order of 10. Email for further queries.